Science in unison

All sciences – biology, physics, linguistics – are separated to some extent. Yet there are lots of places where they intersect. In particular, methods, fundamental processes, typical errors – all those are the same. This article series is dedicated entirely to such scientific commons:


  1. Systematica
    Systematics in general. All types of systematics are described, as well as how do they work. The notion of the “type specimen” is introduced.
  2. Type specimen in languages
    Did you think that type specimen only exist in biology. Languages are full of them!

How pseudoscience cooks its heresy?

A subseries of articles about typical errors that scientists do when interpreting their data, and about the scientific methods most unclear to general public, which is readily exploited by pseudoscientific shamans. Learn how to protect yourself!

  1. The magical correlation
    Correlation is the relationship between two variables. Say, the thickness of a pen’s tip and the thickness of its stroke. In this article, we explain how to interpret correlation properly.
  2. How to tell causation?
    The sequel to the article about correlation. Is it possible to prove causation at all? Let us think about it…

Science VS belief

  1. Instruction for the God: how to persuade atheists in your existence?
    What kind of proof is required to make the atheists admit that God does indeed exist.

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