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Invisible evolution

Q: Can we really trust the evolution, if no person has ever witnessed it?
One of my friends has said long time ago at physics class: now you teachin’ me electrodynamics, but I still understand nothing. Yes, I can use an equation and count, but I see no electrons. I don’t see how they run, interact. Until I can see them with my own eyes, I will never understand them.

The only difference between my friend and evolutionary skeptics is that he admitted that he does not understand what he can’t see (now he does, for sure – he grew up to become a tech guy). But it never crossed his mind to doubt the existence of electrodynamics.

That was a prelude to our talk. Moral is simple: is not being able to observe something a good reason to deny it? Perhaps, you just don’t understand it, like my friend back then. Why not just ask someone to explain then?

Anyway, let’s move on!

Firstly, evolution is by far not invisible. Check this out.

Secondly, think for a moment: how many invisible things you accept as absolute truth every day? And how many facts that no-one has ever seen are deemed proven? One’s right in front of us. History. You believe that Columbus has discovered America, that China was a empire, that pharaohs  lived in Egypt. Okay, people have slightly different opinions on historical facts. Some think that Stalin was a tyrant, some – that he was a great guy. But in general, no-one denies that history happened, and people agree on “who ruled when”.

But how do you know that? Read in a book? But it could be made up… Scientists told so? But how can they know anything about George Washington: they’ve never seen him. There are some documents, papers. And that’s all… Could be fake, or even better, historians could be lying about their very existence. Neither I nor you have seen those papers with our own eyes. At the time, no-one doubts history. No-one doubts electrodynamics: while it could be that there are small people dancing inside TVs. But evolution… somehow no-one likes it.

Meanwhile, the proof for evolution in much stronger than all the proof for history. The history of civilization is a product of humankind. Documents can be faked, the true statements could be burnt. But proof for evolution is printed inside the Earth and living organism: rocks, DNA, anatomy. No-one can fake those: they are out of our control.

So, if you want to doubt anything, why not doubt history and electrodynamics as well. Otherwise, double standards, won’t you say?

And after all, there are opportunities to witness evolution. Read them here.


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