Omnipotent God

Instruction for the God: how to persuade atheists in your existence?

Many theists wonder: what does it take to prove for an atheist that the God indeed exists. And today, I gonna do for you exactly what you’ve been waiting for: I gonna give a very specific, step-by-step, and extensive what-to-do instruction.

So, let’s say you are the God.

Q: Is it even possible to persuade you?

Yes, certainly it is. There are even two major approaches to the task: easy and hard.

The easy one is that you don’t need to persuade us in anything. You’re omnipotent, so just make us all believe in you. Simply plant the utter belief and understanding into our heads.

In case you’re uncomfortable with free-will violation, there’s also a hard way: you can persuade us that you are just as real as the sun using nothing but evidence.

Before we start, let me make something clear: you cannot persuade me in your existence. It’s not gonna work. Even if you showed up at my threshold in the flesh. Which seems counter-intuitive, but that’s the way it is.

Q: How so?

Well, Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and others have talked about it many times: that our perceptions are subjective and can be easily fooled. But I’ll give you a more general answer: it’s not gonna work, because my personal experience doesn’t matter at all. Even if you show me all the miracles in the world, I’ll be shocked at most, but not persuaded. My experience is not the evidence.

Q: So what would work?

If aliens wanted to prove to me personally that they exist, the stupidest thing for them to do would be showing up at my house. Just no way. No, no, no!

The right way to prove to me that they exist would be showing up in the center of the most populated city, and then leaving behind their flying saucer along with a corpse of their late relative for everyone to examine.

In other words, to persuade me in your existence, you need to persuade everyone in your existence. Ideally, leave some evidence behind that everyone could inspect and study.

Now you know how to make the most effective entry. What is left is to confirm your identity effectively. Prove that you’re the God, not just some… guy… or a ghost.

Here, a lot depends on the definition of the word “God”, and thus proving your identity would mean meeting the defining criteria . Often, by the God, we mean our creator. So to prove that you’re the God, you’ll have to demonstrate this particular power to us. Not just to me, no. Summon a labfull of scientists from around the world, and demonstrate to us how you can take dust/ash/nothing and make a living human out of it, and don’t forget to explain how does it work. Or, if you don’t want to create new people, at least show and explain to us how individual stages of the process work. Show us how you can create unicellular life out of ash, for example.

The explanation part is most important: every real process has a mechanism by which it is conducted. You can create things with the power of your word? Then what’s so special about your vocal cords that allows words to materialise? Where do you take the matter and energy to produce things? Maybe we won’t understand everything right away, but at least give us some general idea, okay? Because if you don’t explain, then where’s the prove that someone/something else is not doing the trick from behind the scene, and you don’t merely wave your hands around in fancy way?

Now you’ve passed the test. Still, not necessarily does it make you the God we normally have on our minds. After all, aliens could probably create people. Give it a hundred years, and our geneticists would.

The more common definition of God is “an absolutely omnipotent being”. Proving that means proving everything. Omnipotency is the property of the true God that we all know.

How to prove it? By resurrecting people? By walking on water? Of course not. Come on: resurrection is certainly cool, but it’s very human-centric. It doesn’t prove the true omnipotency, let alone it could be faked in many ways. Even doctors can almost do that.

Q: If not that, than what proof will work?

I am sure the God knows that, but just in case: our entire world and everything that happens in it – life, death, people, Earth – all is defined and governed by elementary particles and fundamental interactions. Everything, no matter how complex, can be broken down to these things.

So, the only way to be omnipotent is not to be able to resurrect people… but to have total control over those fundamental particles and principles. That would provide you with unlimited control over all aspects of the real world.

So do you want to know how to prove your divine identity? Easily: by showing how you bend those fundamental laws. Assemble scientists from around the world in the laboratory of physics, and show us how you can transform an electron into a muon neutrino. Show us how you can make gravity push things apart rather than attract. Show us how you can make two “minus” charges attract. Create a handful of quarks out of nothing, then produce immense amount of energy out of nowhere. Perhaps, make the 20000th periodic element stable in your hand. Something along those lines.

Can you do all of those? If not, than no matter how many lives you can resurrect, you aren’t even remotely omnipotent. You powers, certainly useful for people they are, are no cooler than a bunch of magic tricks from “Now You See Me” movie. Give doctors fifty years, and they’d be doing it as easily as they’re stitching wounds now. However, making two electrons attract is something that cannot happen in the real world, by no means. So something that is capable of of making this happen would, by definition, be above the real world and its laws. The real and undisputed God.


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